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Welcome to EACO!

The Emmanuel Alliance Church of Ottawa (EACO) is located in Bells Corners in the west-end of Ottawa, the capital of Canada.  It is close to Highway 417 and is  conveniently served by public transportation.  We welcome all those seek the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ to join us in our activities and worship.

The EACO is a large cross-cultural, cross-generational, loving family of Christ followers. It has Sunday worship and small group fellowships in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.  Small groups include those for seniors, families, young career singles, and students.  We also have ministries for children and for youths.

We are called by the triune God to one spiritual body, to worship him with one heart, taking root in his word together, and striving to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, giving the hope of eternal life to those who would receive him.

If you do not know Jesus Christ yet, we invite you to participate in our activities to experience the sweetness and joy of seeking truth for yourself, to get to know the Lord Jesus, and to experience His love.

If you are a member of the Lord and are looking for a church community, we welcome you to learn more about us. Here, you can participate in Sunday worship in your most convenient language, participate in Sunday school learning, join in group fellowships and Bible studies ( English groups | Cantonese groups | Mandarin groups ), and participate in various ministries, in serving, and for continuous, balanced spiritual growth.

If you want to know more, please browse the ” About Us ” page for more information.

If you want to contact us, please visit the ” Contact Us ” page where we have contact information. You are also welcome to click on the QR code below, or click on this link, and leave your contact information. We are very glad to get in touch you.

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