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2021 Advent: Nov. 28 to Dec. 25

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November the 28th marks the beginning of the Advent season, which ushers in the beginning of the church calendar year. Advent means ‘coming’ and during the four weeks leading up to Christmas Day, we have time to reflect on the true meaning of the Incarnation. God sent His Son to bring us hope, peace, joy, love and, most important of all, salvation. It is also a time for us to prepare for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Let us prepare our hearts together to celebrate our glorious Lord and coming King.

Below is a list of Scripture passages to assist you in that discovery with your children. Encourage them to look up the passages in their own Bible at home each week. As you read them together, help them to understand the meaning and allow them to explore and ask questions.

There are also some ideas for activities that you can do as a family, or as a community. I encourage you to do them together with your children, and if you would like to venture out, invite some neighbors to join you in serving the community to share God’s love with others.

Enjoy the adventure and the new discoveries of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love!